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as a perfume enthusiast, finding scents that provoque my senses is the ultimate quest.
i guess judging a scent by it's bottle is a fair bet due to the direct co-relation in coherence and essence,
that's when you know a scent must be worth a sniff, it speaks to you through it's aesthetic…
the Aerin line is such a beautifully understated yet luscious family, there is an element of class that feels substantial with a certain ease that makes it the right amount of statement.
most of the time when i get a pr mail i honestly don't even think about it twice and move on, however something in this beautiful imagery made me want to share it with you…
[i am considering starting a new series called 'pr news' where i discuss with you what is next on my wishlist, let me know!]

"Tanger, just as Morocco, is a meeting point where many cultures colide. The aromas from spices coming from all over the world such as vanilla, cinamon and zafran, fill the air. From palaces and gardens to the legendary bazars, there is always something new to explore."
- Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative director from AERIN

Madagascar vanilla glides through top notes of crisp Italian bergamot and rich Bulgarian rose Velvety amber adds a sensual hint, while sandalwood and feather-soft musk finish the scent [it sounds so perfect!!! can't wait to try it out]

 “Tánger – al igual que Marruecos – es un cruce donde se reúnen muchas culturas. Los aromas de especias de todo el mundo como la vainilla, la canela y el azafrán, llenan el aire. Desde los palacios y jardines hasta los bazares legendarios, siempre hay algo nuevo que explorar.” Aerin Lauder, Fundadora y Directora Creativa de AERIN 

[images c/o AERIN]


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