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#bytheway : check · check · check it out

honesty is the best policy, and as much as it's hard for me to accept it, i've worn this outfit [exactly the same pieces] more times than i would be able to admit… with washes in between may i add.
also, tried and shoot this look 3 failed times, there was always something wrong with it… either i was wearing my hair loose, straight or wavy, not right. tried the low pony, not quite loving it. ended up in a bun and my mind was in final peace, ended up chopping it off yesterday, will try to document my new look as soon as i can settle with what the hell am i going to end up looking like… kinda want to shave it all off but i feel regrets would flood me by the time the last strip is gone… oh well, hair grows.

[PRADA poème sunglasses  +  Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Matte Pout lipstick  +  Zara gingham shoulder ruffle shirt  +  Fendi BTW bag  +  LOEWE knot charms  +  Zara pajama pants  +  Balenciaga criss cross pumps]


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