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thrills and frills

the excitement of new beginnings, the way roads twist and turn to lead you to the right path…
i hope there is some clarity to what i intend to create,
the way my brain matches things into this visual representation of what my current state of mind is…
if you haven't seen 'Advanced Style' the documentary, you have to!
i totally see a bit of me in each of the ladies, but the one in particular who says that it takes time, even years for her to create the perfect outfit; i totally feel her!!! this look actually is a mix of seasons:
the Prada poème sunglasses from SS 13  +  Zara asymmetrical top from this SS 16  +  MMM leather pants that come and go every FW  +  Fendi BTW with the Loewe knots that i got last year  +  Balenciaga ruffle heels from SS13 that i just added to my collection :)
it was slowly but surely a match that was long time planned


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