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#lipstickismyvice : Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette - Junkie

Every time fall comes, the holiday collections start to roll!!!
In the previous years, collecting the VICE palettes were a treat for any eyeshadow lover;
However, Urban Decay knows that the lipstick junkies out here would be in need for a fix,
and so the Vice Lipstick Palette in JUNKIE is everything and more i could have ever dreamed of.

as soon as you open the metallic case, a mantra welcomes you 'LIPSTICK IS MY VICE'
the functional lid prevents you from getting smudged the wonderful big mirror, A+ on packaging
there are 12 different shades, in very unique, rare and exciting colors and finishes!
the price and the oz. is practically the same as 2 full sized lipsticks, but the variety makes this justifiable, plus because if like me, you like to play with your color-scheme depending on the outfit, this is perfect for traveling or trying the new VICE lipstick formula and choose from the 120 options.


WHIP : soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer [sheer shimmer]

STUDDED : metallic gray-brown [metallized]

SAFE WORD : neutral nude-pink [comfort matte]

CARNAL : medium warm nude [comfort matte]

714 : bright red [mega matte]

DISTURBED : deep brick red [comfort matte]

WRATH : metallic red [metallized]

BIG BANG : bright pink sparkle [metallized]

FIREBIRD : deep fuchsia [cream]

VANITY KILLS : lavender [mega matte]

SPEEDBALL : deep vibrant purple [cream]

JUNKIE : metallic green shimer with gold micro-sparkle [metallized]

i had a lot of fun!!!
and btw don't you find it amusing how much an outfit and a eye look can change with just switching the lipstick!?
 URBAN DECAY Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette


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