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anxiety - the struggle is real

i am not one to recommend something unless i am a firm believer
i've been struggling with adult cystic acne and after many failed attempts [ones that costed me an arm and almost a leg] i gave Effaclar Duo from La Roche Possay a go, and i am happy i tried it before going for Accutane! my skin after 1.5 tubes is feeling better than ever!!!
Ezcema is also blooming in the most unexpected, and uncomfortable places, after almost losing it i laddered myself with the Coconut Jergens and my patches are fading away, the itchiness is almost gone and i am happy to keep my physical reactions in control and that helps me deal with the psycological side of things… my favorite Jo Malone wild fig and cassis helps me with the sanity as so does my Hermes candle


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