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#bytheway : attaquez

'Si vous êtes triste, si vous avez un chagrin d'amour, maquillez-vous, mettez du rouge à lèvres, et attaquez. Les hommes détestent les pleureuses' CC

i am not the kind of girl that loves to quote Mademoiselle Chanel, but this one has stuck in my head ever since i read it for the first time; it implies how she envisioned herself in a world ruled by men, a true fighter.
the woman who wears her rouge with pride and unapologetic attitude is one who stands up for herself and embraces her strengths… i only wear red lipstick in days i feel i need that extra push to stand up taller, reassure my position in this game we call life… i particularly love that power fashion and makeup has on our selves.

[Ralph Lauren western collection aviator sunglasses  +  Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Outlaw  +  Zara shirt and jeans  +  Hermès bandana carré  +  Fendi bytheway bag  +  Loewe knots  +  Balenciaga pumps]


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