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i am known for a strong will power, however, i find it impossible to resist one thing [ok, 2]: perfume and lipstick… and special limited edition packaging.
MAC has released the Shadescents, a collection of perfumes inspired by their iconic lipsticks!!!
as soon as they hit the counter i payed a visit, because smellivision is not a reality yet, i needed to try the ones that tickled my fancy… as soon as i removed the cap from the testers i thought to my self 'this is very Tom Ford-ish' i particularly tried Lady Danger and Heroine because those seem to be more up to my alley… i sprayed them and left the store, allowing the molecules to evolve on my skin and become one; the verdict: Heroine was everything. Lady Danger opens strong and powerful but the dry down was too sweet, i kind of wished the scent remained the same as My Heroine does.
somehow, a few days later a package arrived, i had no idea nor i had shopped for anything that was meant to be delivered… but the girls at MAC sent this to me, as if i had written my wishes in the sky and they found out. i was so happy. i have been wearing this on a roll and even filled a travello to keep in my wallet in case of re-apply urgence. i LOVE it.


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