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peaches n' cream

need i mention how this transition weather has been tricking my brain!?
on one side i can't wait to get my toes out, but the chilly winded mornings make me reach for my knits…
as my brain likes to pair items by color scheme, i guess it all started when i found this sweater at the sale at HM and later the jeans at Zara, it was a forced purchase due to the little girl in me that needs to wear her new bag everyday and it clicked when the shoes i got eons ago [we are talking 09!] and were my first 'first' big girl designer shoes! [of course bought with christmas and birthday money along with some savings for my 19th b*day] but to tie it all up, the carré!!!
i needed to get some everyday staples, because wearing archive Margiela to the bank will not only grant me stares, but might cause the cops to interrogate my intentions and i have days when i just want to be normal… what ever that means.

[MAC lady be good liquid retro matte lipstick  +  HM knit  +  Zara jeans  +  Fendi by the way +  Hermès avez-vous bien dormi? carré  +  YSL le nude mat vernis  +  Chloé poseidon heels]


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