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This jacket has been on my mind for almost a decade! and it wasn't up until last month i managed to snag it from the sanctuary that is eBay. I kid you not, i am devoted to that website as my most visited, i've found my holy grails and i've seen redemption way too many times.
When it comes to Margiela, i seek salvation yet i fall on temptation, and i have no regrets.
i actually wore this out, i felt it was 'normal' enough for me to brave the streets; yet i kept my incognitos inside my bag because, lets be honest, they call for attention more that they try not to.
But in my mind, this outfit was meant to be, from the ring i had to glue back together [it broke a year ago exactly when i was dating this guy and it was such a perfect day, but i was way too anxious and snapped my fingers probably way too hard and the ring was suddenly in half… so me fixing it as i had to fix my heart after that love affair was a process in it self… and ironically, i bumped into him this very same day.] anyways, i loved this simple yet twisted look, so much so that i didn't care about the audience i had whilst taking this photos and the shrunken Doberman that decided to join the scene…

[Maison Martin Margiela line 8 INCOGNITO sunglasses  +  Maison Martin Margiela duct taped in oversized blazer  +  HM coated jeans  +  MarcJacobs+MARIPOL ring  +  Fendi BTW bag  +  Loewe knot  +  MMM elastic laceless brogues]


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