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Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street
Faster than the wind, passionate as sin ending so suddenly
Loving him is like trying to change your mind once you're already flying through the free fall
Like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all

Losing him was blue like I'd never known
Missing him was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
But loving him was red
Loving him was red

[yes, as conceptual as i can be, sometimes the materialization of my feelings can only be found on the mainstream… such as THIS BAG!!! perfect for this top that i am obsessed with! i am happy i bought it even with the makeup stains from someone else. Anyways, this vibe is very effortless, which i enjoyed.]

[Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Outlaw  +  Zara red sleeve stripped sweater  +  YSL le rouge matte vernis+  Zara stripped pants  +  Loewe puzzle pouch  +  Loewe knots  +  Balenciaga glove wedge boots]


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