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waiting for this

a couple of days ago i was asked by a group of friends how do i do this,
is it the outfit and then find the place or do i dress myself for the place?
and truth is both…
like this day for example, this place just changed their walls and the floor matched perfectly to this shoes, but i have had this jeans for well over 5 years and i've managed to fit in them again [i am so happy about this!] and the top i bought this winter sale because i felt it was perfect for my bag, but i was missing the final touch: the bag charm! my aunt had this and i asked her for a loan, she was way to kind and gave it to me! i am so happy i don't care this fad is passing, it matched my outfit and the place to perfection i felt my brain was at peace!

[MAC bronzer and Velvet Teddy lipstick  +  HM zipper turtleneck  +  Chloé jeans  +  Loewe Puzzle in tan  +  Fendi Lucy Junior  +  Marni wedge pumps]

oh and BTW, this is my favorite haircare line of the moment!!!
i feel this is the perfect day for me to tell you about them because
a.- the packaging matches my outfit
b.- that's my hair in it's natural state, air dried
keeping in mind my under-shave basically left me with half my head with 'long' hair,
i needed that extra umph to see healthy hair… and this my friends is the best i've tried…
plus, it smells so good and leaves my hair feeling and looking great!


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