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when all pieces fall into place i bring to you a collection of images that even if i 'create' them,
inspire me and motivate me in the other aspects of my life.
somehow, my brain works like this, matching things in a visual harmony bring a sense of peace within my thoughts.
it's funny to learn that some of you feel the same way, and it means a lot that you enjoy this OCD of mine.

the trigger was this jewelry set that i received kindly from the brand, who have just launched their website and gave me freedom to choose whatever i liked [that's an offer you can't quite refuse] so i went for this ring, and surprisingly when it arrived they included the ear cuff with the little bee. i love them.

[Elena López Joyeria  +  HM bell sleeve sweater   +  Fendi petit 2 jours  +  HM faux leather trousers  +  Fendi honeycomb heel boots]
LOCATION: call me frida


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