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the marble craze has been going around for at least 4 years now, and somehow this is my first time embracing it… sort of.
it all started with the shoes, matching the piping on the dress that work with the print [i guess it's more of a zebra pattern but oh well…] and in my mind this was a 'normal-casual-everyday' take on styling the dress but oh boy was i wrong! it's kind of funny how in my brain it's perfectly ok to do something and see people's reaction [i don't do things to provoque people, i do them because i genuinely feel they are right, even if they may be wrong…] but tbt i think i will do this shirtdress over pants thing more regularly, it felt so good :)
also, the necklace i've had since forever [close to 10 years, i was 15-16] but it was broken [its real marble, how avant-garde of me…] i just fixed it because it clicked as the perfect final touch. [and also a bit poetic in the sense of it taking me this long to fix it, and it was only perfect timing me doing it now because i know better today than back then… kind of like with my feelings. now it's perfect]

[old marble horn necklace  +  HM shirt dress  +  ZARA jeans  +  Fendi BTW bag  +  LOEWE knots  +  BALENCIAGA marble pumps]


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