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off centered

as a tradition, the concept that pulls together these visual stories is something that was part of the look and simultaneously, life.
being seemingly open and public by sharing the pictures i take [of myself, very ego-blogger of me] is an open invitation for assumptions… and sending the wrong message is and forever will be my biggest fear.
in a recent convo there was this thing pointed out to me, and i felt awkward and a bit unease because, it may look as tho i am here showering myself in my narcissus moment… when honestly, i am more aware of my flaws [the weird and the unpleasant become obvious and they laugh at my face every time i think something is 'good looking'] because i've never been the cool kid, the beautiful girl, the hot chick, i've always been the weird gal… all i had in me was to work on my personality. [i am glad i had to rely on my brains and not my looks]

[HM cotton shirt  +  Zara skort  +  MMM cotton bag  +  Marc Jacobs pumps]

somehow this look reminds me of a wearable/watered down version of THIS


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