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june 12, 2017
it's my birthday and i couldn't have had a better day if i'd planned to
somehow everything was different… i never enjoyed birthdays up until today!
a few weeks ago i read/listened to this 'self implies others'
and as someone who's always been a one man's army, allowing people in is a tough thing…
but when the time and the people are the right ones, there's no need to fight it, it just flows.

[this pics are by my dear Anasofia, totally unplanned blog ootd, but let me tell you something, we are cooking some projects in where i wont be selfing! she's got the eye and i quite love it]

Erick and i, we've been together in this brotherhood for over 3 years now…
we have been each others lifesavers more times than i can recall, a true testament that friends are the family you choose.

i'm well known for my resting bitch face… but with these peeps the laughs and the silliness doesn't seem to ever slowdown
[i better get myself some cremes because the wrinkles will surely start to appear ;) ]


  1. *crying mil* haha BEAUTIFUL!
    I feel so &#$%* lucky :) you are the best!