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there are times when being abstract is the only way i can cope with situations…
but i know story-time's are far more exciting to read, and today i've got one for you:
it's sunday morning, i have no intentions to live a life outside the realms of my home, yet i run out of coffee [and somehow all the great stories of my life involve coffee or the lack of it] so i grab some strength from wherever i can, and drag myself out of bed… as i am driving around 10am-ish i realize it's the perfect timing to go thrift shopping to this flea market that is exactly halfway from my place to the supermarket and decide to stop by and see whatever finds me [i believe it's that way and not the other way around…] somehow the idea of a bustier was appealing to me but the one's i've found never fit my flat chest and it's quite a struggle so i had given up to that styling trend. LO AND BEHOLD i see this elastic strap hanging from a distorted wire and after a quick inspection the thing was a Dolce&Gabbana bustier with tags, new, unused and with a small boob cup… asked for the price, 5 bucks it's a great deal if you ask me.
so took it home and after some dwelling on life, it clicked and this shirt was perfect for it and the DIVINE boots i got 7 years ago are perfect for the whole look [even if i died after wearing them all day long…] and the final unexpected deal: the place! love this little baby blue flowers! they made the location even better

[PRADA frames +  Dolce and Gabbana bustier  +  HM trend shirt  +  HM divided faux leather pants  +  LOEWE puzzle pouch  +  YSL DIVINE elastic boots]


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