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an extra mile

it's well said that in order to get what we want we must compromise our set of rules and break them,
go that extra mile out of our comfort zone…
but what if in return we only get rejection, that awful sensation of being unwanted
and being misinterpreted as needy and eager?
this past year i've worked hard on my self, facing fears and switching up my own ways of being all tight up inside and allowing people in whilst closing chapters fueled by understanding, forgiveness and compassion… it was bloody hard and heart-aching/breaking, but it feels good to look back and have encounters with those who's presence in my life made an impact, and helped me to understand who i am…
[funny how around this time last year i was/felt such a different version of myself, somehow it feel as if nothing had changed yet i know i'm not there anymore… even if those feelings lurk from the dark places and trigger my inner peace at least i've got a new perspective and a lot of strength i realized i had when fear was the only thing clouding up my mind]

[ZARA leather jacket  +  HM gingham dress  +  LOEWE puzzle pouch  +  Balenciaga crisscross heels]


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