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finding the poetics within the vain
somehow the matching aesthetics of this open back top + minimal bra strap combo with the boots and their system provoked a conversation that i had not been brave enough to face
in life, i have found myself in this wooden brigde ready to cross over to the other side, but if i stand here far too long looking down and seeing the steps crumbling down to the abyss, i might loose all the progress made, but there is this instinct that pulls me back to the comfort zone and remain safe; but if i do, i know i am not the same and all the things i have whilst on the bridge will haunt me endlessly… i am ready to cross to the other side, but the gap between the steps are getting wider and wider and i fear i might fail.

[HM trend top  +  F21 bra  +  vintage Moschino jeans  +  Loewe puzzle pouch  +  Balenciaga glove wedge boots]


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