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soulmates pt. II

to say i am shocked to see how my life has come full circle in exact dates would be an understatement.
this year has been all about closing chapters, trap those ghosts and demons from my past and lock them in boxes [hope Pandora doesn't feel curious again and release them again tho…] finding myself revisiting the same places and people only to understand that i've evolved, and that the endless quest for my better self has found some effect.
and because Lizzie won't ever stop being Lizzie, this ootd is quite a proof, a year exactly ago i posted THIS and i haven't worn the dress ever since… because i was not in the mood, but something in me felt i 'had to' and funny enough once i slipped myself in it a burst of emotions and memories flooded my thoughts, it's clear to me that i am not the same girl i was back then [it seems quite dramatic to put it that way, but this year has been intense, painful but rewarding] and i loved to feel proud of the flawed and imperfect self that i am today Ü

[Smashbox be legendary lipstick in black cherry  +  HM tshirt  +  HM dress  +  Maison Martin Margiela shopping cotton bag  +  Chloé boots]


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