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such a fool

never say never, they said…
as i go with the flow and bend my own rules to adapt themselves to the times,
i can't help but wonder why?
why have i been so afraid of being cliché and making a fool out of myself?
why my strength was stated by the 'no, i have restraint' instead of 'yes, i want because i can'?
why i can't [nor i want to] fight this impulse of following whatever my instinct leads me to?
why does it feel so right even if in my mind this could go all the posible ways wrong?
why if i know i might end up losing it all, i feel like i've gained so much?
why giving myself a chance to just release my need to control the situations and just accepting things as they come is not being mediocre and not beating myself for not being on top of things?

in depth thoughts provoked by the mere fact that wearing simple outfits is 'worth it' of a blogpost.

[Dolce and Gabbana dg2176 metal aviator sunglasses  +  Kat Von D studded kiss lipstick in underage red  +  Levi's T  +  Zara leather jacket  +  vintage Moschino jeans   +  Loewe puzzle pouch  +  Comme des Garçons play converse]


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