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as relationships begin to crumble, my mental health seems to hit a wall and cracks, the breaking point is here.
sure, all the little scars that we carry along are the visual representation of one's strength and resilience; but there are moments when after standing like a wounded soldier, there's not much time until reality begins to hit and the pain and exhaustion gets to you.
funny how this t-shirt spoke to me from far in the distance whilst grocery shopping at Walmart, i spotted it and felt it was exactly how i felt, the matching process didn't take long due to my white paint coated converse from the collab with MMM, a real gem [my friend score them from craigslist, a girl was gifted them by her ex-boyfriend but never liked them, hence the brand new condition… 50 dollas and they came home to me] silver linings people, silver linings.

[Walmart t-shirt  +  Isabel Marant pants  +  Fendi by the way bag  +  converse x mmm]


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