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gallery wall

slow and steady wins the race, as i delivered my 6th month rent, i realized i am halfway to get this place sorted to a somewhat acceptable concept of a home.
i am a picky picker, and choosers cant be beggars, so i have been carefully curating the space i want to see from my bed [no joke, this is the wall straight out of my room, so it better be uplifting!]
also, i never knew i would ever fancy a ladder until i stumbled upon this at the luxurious department store… that's when i faced the fact i was up to a big investment, and i hope this will serve me for life!

[HM jacket  +  GG tshirt  +  HM jeans  +  Vans mono old-skool]

[LUCCANO HASEGAWA Created by the experimental design lab Metaphys]


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