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t[h]orn, between branches and roots

It's actually the souls of the trees we're seeing in the winter. In summer everything is green and idyllic but in the winter, the branches and the trunks all stand out. Just look at how crooked they all are. The branches have to carry all the leaves to the sunlight. That's one long struggle for survival.
I will stand up against all odds, just like a deformed tree on a hill. I will muster all my stubbornness, my strength, my masculine aggression… Joe, Nymphomaniac
Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. Rumi.

this past month has been a painful personal ride, i've gone through some frightening days and sleepless nights, i have never felt this terrified in my life…
but i've managed to hold on to some ounces of self love and i found some strength i didn't know i had within myself… i hope one day i can open up about this.

[Miss Sixty halter  +  HM Studio SS2017 skirt  +  Balenciaga thorn sandals]


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