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We Margiela

it's been a long time coming… the DVD is finally here!
when i first learned that Mint Film Office was filming this documentary i jumped immediately and singed up for their mail! i was number 60 out of 999 and after they had to release a second edition because it was sold out!
when the doc made it into Mexico City i jumped into a bus and made it into the screening room at the Tamayo Museum! [i wish i could have shown some of my archives kind of in the way they did in Barcelona! that one was so good!!!]
i had mixed feelings about the film, i felt it was somewhat a bitter way to say Martin was not la Maison, which i understand is true but it seemed as though they were not happy about it… to listen to Jenny who passed away before the documentary was released was so sad because i knew she was upset with Martin, and i understand that! working with friends becomes tiring and most of the times the friendship dies…
that's why i think Martin agreed to speak and say what happened from his side, Margiela in His Own Words is a apology letter to the Maison's staff, i felt it so necessary to paint the full picture and i loved it.
i think both films are essential to understand the inner workings of the mysterious Maison…
this is my recommendation for quarantine! stay home and stay safe! if you watch them hit me up on instagram and let's talk :)


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