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thirty flirty and thriving

it's my birthday and i can cry if i want to…
and i did, because life is uncertain

for my 30th birthday, i had my pain tickets ready for Paris but a pandemic happened!
i am very thankful i am healthy [still] and my family is as well…
however, yes, cancelled plans suck.
this year has been complicated as it is and i've been battling with some personal issues,
but taking pleasure in the small things we used to take for granted because life was so speed up
and the world seems to have taken a full stop , yet still its all so scary…
hopefully we come out of this flirty and thriving
that's what everyone promises the 30's are full of…

[BALA DI GALA essential fika boots and face mask  +  YSL arty ring  +  HM double layer lace dress]


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