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feeling blue

lately i've been having loads of thoughts, thoughts i've been trying to suppress…
every action comes with a reaction and reality is something i fear to face.
there is always direct and indirect collateral [and self] damage in everything we attempt to experience
i've got some stuff flying around my soul and heart i don't let sink into my brain,
it's better if i lie to myself…
i'm always up, high in my own cloud, building castles and tearing them down;
i've learned my brain has no restraints and that's what keeps me detached from my body and soul…
my mind has a pace of it's own.
But sometimes the body reclaims priority and it grounds me back to reality.
it's time to face the facts…

check out the last time i wore this dresss!
[ Lizzie Lo ]: #ARTMEETSFASHION : Azul

[MMM shoe bag as mask  +  Fendi SS14 tiered dégradé silk organza layered dress  +  APCLPSO clutch  +  Maison Martin Margiela 20 years cowgirl dégradé boots]


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