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TMI Beauty

i love watching youtube vids, actually i blame them as my enablers to this beauty obsession…
however i've seen this 'helpful' TMI ones that i thought i'd join the band wagon.

Bliss FatGirlSlim kit: girls with kankles rejoice!
if i have a 'trouble spot' it is my legs… from the knee down it gets worst!
in a late visit to Sephora the girls told me how miraculous this kit was…
i got intrigued and at the same time i was skeptical, went home read the reviews.
next time i was at Sephora i had to have it! i know the name is quite awkward but its good.
i don't believe in miracles, of course i do a bit of exercise everyday [walk/run] yet i see changes faster
will get back once i finish the pots [it's been a month and i feel it working]

Eau Micellaire: i love Bioderma! and because i have a somewhat oily skin i love to use it to prep my face for makeup.
FaceWash: i love this L'Oréal one because of the added face pad!
Deodorant: we met back in '08, it is the only one that works for me. and i like the scent


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