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as dark as i may seem [ok, be…] i enjoy a bit of sweet bits here and there…
it's all about the little details, i love a good dose of irony and quality
COLORreCREATION is the new Givenchy Spring 15 collection for makeup
inspired by their colourful confetti print, perfect for sweet early spring days.

the Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti has a beautiful packaging,
the little beads move around on the top, but there's a lower compartment that holds the brush,
perfectly designed, with a system that avoids the brush hairs from being damaged.
but the product itself is gorgeous! with a speckled pattern on top and a faceted portion as well
it's a sheer wash of highlight that looks gorgeous on the highest points of your face and maybe, if you're into the glow-y skin, all over as a finishing touch


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