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i had no intentions tomake a post of this 'lazy-sunday-outfit' [dress-tights-boots]
however, i went to the shops to take some stuff back and whilst at the tale found this hat.
if a fedora and a beanie had a baby this would be it.
the place is near my house and it's abandoned, luckily they were cleaning out!
an unexpected turn of events… felt everything was falling into place, so i decided to share Ü

[Zara man felt hat with leather trim  +  Tribal Chrome earrings  +  Zara drapped crossover dress  +  Balenciaga astrogirl wedge boots]


  1. Wow, looks like a perfect space cadet.

    1. yes! like old world meets the future!
      there's one from NastyGal i'm dying to get my hands on!