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#bytheway : Trompe-l'œil

/ ˌtrômp ˈloi/
  1. visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object.

a technique that was popularly used by Martin [at JPG and his Maison] and that can now be found at Zara.
i don't know how i feel about it. i saw it and it fooled me. i thought it was MMM.
as i kept analysing this moment in fashion history and how all things have changed and yet remain the same…
i can't help it. this triggers my urge to flip le finger to the blogosphere [and myself]
for what ever that is that we do here.

[Zara printed T]

sketches by me
[Fendi iridia sunglasses   +  Fendi By The Way  +  CDG toe shoes]


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