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sheer velvet

i wont lie. i was not happy when they dropped the Yves at Saint Laurent.
and went into a rage when the dark rockstar 70's vibe was Hedi's new take on the house.
a sudden hate flooded my veins against anything fringy, kimono-y vampy-hippy/esque
but there i was, trying to be a 'normal' 20-something that dresses 'trendy' and 'sociably acceptable'
so i picked this thing up. said to myself 'if this doesn't work for a casual 'go to the supermarket' kinda days, you wear it as a lounge cover up'. but oh, i had no idea how fun fringes were.
in my mind i looked normal, until i got weird looks from mothers and their young teenagers.
i felt i had succeeded in the arts of taking trendy items and making them halloween-costume ready.

[SomHer hat  +  F21 velvet fringe kimono  +  DIOR rock coat vernis  +  MMM leather pants  +  Burberry Suede Finford Ankle Boots]


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