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On The Fence

on a love-hate relationship with high-street brands
as a consumer it's great to get more bang for your buck when adding pieces to your outfit
i was taught that you should be a smart shopper, quality over quantity;
making sure you were to pay a 'decent' amount of cash for something that
you were not likely to replace in just a few wears… something to keep forever-ish
yet, i pay a quick visit to some of those stores just to 'take a look' and of course,
there are some depressing pieces that will obviously not last, short life 'who cares, it was cheap'
but they are stepping up their game, adding 'premium' lines that sometimes are the same priced
as to what i payed for a 'high-end designer' piece [discounted, obvs!] the quality ain't bad
however, why is it more justifiable to 'invest' those hard-earned bills in a good tag
and why is it questionable in my head to appreciate a good looking, cute, grab-and-go piece?
[the cool thing i got this at 60% off and 2x1… i am a bargain hunter!]
sadly, as a trained designer, and trend researcher; i know the impossible pase of the fashion consumption
which makes it almost impossible for 'creativity' and 'original content'
with the demands of the consumer, [which are actually created by a higher, almost invisible power…]
and the careless-brainless acquisition of goods, there is an aim for educating the masses…
to find a massive niche that finds it empowering to know the thought process of the objects they decide to surround their life's with… if only!



[Vintage sunglasses  +  Dior bouquet vernis +  Gum-Tee matte gris-bleu earrings  +  HM Trend asymmetrical shirt  +  APCLPSO LUST clutch  +  Maison Martin Margiela blue pumps]


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