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i'll forget you

well those day are all but gone, and i'm still listening in to that old long-distance call, but i'll forget you
as the space around me grows, i need the touch of your skin; 
so i wear this ring of gold, till i forget you
Peter Bradley Adams

it's not the same to be alone than to be lonely…
as i've lost people i felt i could trust in, i have remembered that not too long ago
i realized i was certain of one thing and one thing only: i am the only one you've got.
it's quite empowering to understand not to think as a pack, but to rely on your wolf instinct
i used to be a one person team, but i gave myself a chance to let others in, to be 'social'…
it's either me who has the trust issues because my trust bar is set quite high, and will remain as so
or people are so selfish they don't consider other people's blisters caused by their shoes,
because they are so embedded in their own that they go around stepping on top of the others…
it's a wake up call. to think more on myself and work on my dreams and give up on building
somebody else's in spite of my own detriment.
did you know i was a musician? i used to sing, play the guitar and piano.
i feel a black Fender electroacoustic guitar would complement this outfit to the nines.
this is my take on 'i don't want to leave bed, i need my safety-blanket clothes,
but i have to get out and get some errands done' i've worn variations on this outfit countless times.
but today i wanted to share. i know some of us are going through tough times and relating to feelings
is easier and better than relating to lifestyle… music is more powerful than images.

[Ralph Lauren RL8112 western cateye sunglasses  +  Walmart gingham shirt  +  vintage bolo tie  +  Ernest Sewn cut out jeans  +  Bershka western boots]


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