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Saint Laurent Paris Clous Punk Pyramidaux Bracelet

i am not going to lie, it's clear to must of us the game the peers at Saint Laurent,
aka Hedi and his crew are doing at the former YSL… democratize luxury.
but not all kinds of luxury, Hermès luxury to be precise.
don't hate me, it's not a bad thing! this to me is the most genius thing a creative director
could have done. give the young, rich and famous the chance to sport bad ass, expensive stuff.
me for instance, i am not one of the above yet i wanted another CDC…
i always wanted it in black leather and silver hardware, but i got barenia because that's what they had
so, instead of duplicating the cuff, this one was the 'same but different' and it felt good.
not only i saved up a whooping 90% but i did love the way this screams 'don't mess with me'
even though it ain't Laurent without Yves, i finally understood the game at SLP. bravo Hedi.


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