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match made in México's heaven

in the last few days there has been this sudden urge to embrace and protect our country's culture value
i've always been quite an enthusiast in regards of the exotic and random architecture in my hometown, which can be found all across the nation.
Finding a place to match my outfits to has been quite easy because the diversity in one single street is impressive! most houses are bright colored painted and the styles are quite vast! from colonial to 70's and the current modern and sleek constructions, i do my best to showcase the very best in my selfies…
anyways, this time was no different! i found this newly renovated place [it was painted in a much more subtle hue] and it immediately called for my oldie but goodie jacket that i wore religiously back in my uni days!

[MAC Lady Danger lipstick  +  Adidas multicolored jacket  +  AEO paint splattered cargo pants  +  Adidas by Stella McCartney Barricade sneakers]


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