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as the grandma that i've become, i steered away from music venues and band chasing along with my rockstar dreams [the teenager in me dreamed with making it big with the many bands i was with… oh youth] but the opportunity came and i was invited to a local music festival which not only was the perfect excuse to dress up, but a couple of performers where hi on my list of cool tunes [Juan Castelazo and Budaya] and discovered some new ones [Wet Baes]
anyways, this is a bit different from usual content because i actually took the photos [or my sister did me the honors] at the actual place… hope you like.

[not only this dude photobombed my 'Jared Leto is my husband and i am just chilling backstage' moment, but he also hit me with that tray hard in my face later that evening… the little scars that carry us along.]

[Ralph Lauren western aviators  +  HM western shirt dress [in purple mix its super cool too]  +  Lizzie Lō shield bag  +  Maison Martin Margiela 20 ans collection cowgirl boots]


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