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or in…
the MET GALA honoring Rei Kawakubo's work was a celebration for the disruption of the beauty and aesthetic standards… honestly i thought it was going to be a big CDG party and everyone would wear their craziest and most dramatic looks, like a big halloween for the celebs but they didn't…
funny how i was not the only one a bit disappointed for what i feel is a disrespect not to dress for the occasion… my best friend [and the other human i know to love a brand to the point of true devotion besides myself] and Rei fan @mariomendez74 went to the expo and was waiting outside the venue to do some people watching because honestly we thought it was going to be our version of the christmas morning with all the excitement of a miracle that never happened… but non-the-less the actual expo is quite good for what i can see thru the screen, i can't wait to pay a visit to NY whilst it's still on.
anyways, i thought i could share my own rendition to the iconic look of Comme des Garçons, black, misshapen and boyish.

this jacket tho! its a treasure i will cherish forever… i got it quite some time ago from THE ROSENROT who is a OG blogger who has maintained and perfected her role in the onlinesphere and has a store with all of the magical creations she finds, very well curated. Her essays bring a sense of peace to my troubled days when i find it hard to verbalize my inner angst, i read and nod as the words flow by… a true gem.

[PRADA frames  +  Comme des Garçons SS05 neoprene jacket  +  drop crotch trousers  +  CDG BLACK candy nylon bag  +  Maison Martin Margiela elastic brogues]

PLACE: Non Sappiamo