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thorn in two

All my 'adult' life [i'm turning 27 this year eek] i've had this f'ed up perspective on womanity.
As much as i hate to admit it, i developed a dislike for anything feminine, and my idea of #girlpower was giving up on anything soft and sexy, somewhat punishing my right to enjoy that side of myself by only empowering my rebellious tough and boyish attitude…
For the first time, i've found myself with this spark of comfort within my grown up self, i no longer feel like a little girl nor that repressed teenage angst is urging me to flip the middle one to the world to prove my point. This time it feels different.
It is true what all the woman i've admire have said: when you grow up, all the things that you used to worry about will no longer be important… i guess it's time to understand that a girl who embraces her soft self is just as brave as the one who can punch your face. [and me being me, i love to be them both…]

#nexttonothing loving the new foundation by MAC, because feeling comfortable in your own skin is the new black [i was invited to my local counter to experiment with the formula and learn a couple of tips and tricks, and voilà this is the finished look! it was inspired by their trend REAL and i feel you can really see how natural yet polished this whole look was! i loved how it balanced the leathery ootd with barely-there makeup! i loved it

[Ralph Lauren western aviators  +  HM lace choker  +  OYSHO lace bralette  +  HM tshirt  +  LOEWE puzzle pouch  +  HM faux leather pants  +  BALENCIAGA thorn sandals]


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